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Thank you

Angie | 04/19/2014

Thank you for all your hard work and detailed info on Chiari. You and your family are truly an inspiration to many.


Jenn deMar | 08/14/2013

I checked it out... and I love it! What warm welcome to read your home page. I had a decompression 6 months ago but still have symptoms. I am waiting to hear from TCI to look into the instability side of Chiari. God bless you, you little princess! I hope you are feeling great!


Mary | 08/12/2013

This is awesome Macie! You did such an amazing job with everything on here!
I miss you guys so much - lots of hugs <3 <3

Mary <3

wonder ful job

Annie | 08/12/2013

Hi mace.
With lots of love , best wishes & prayers .. Its an awssum job u done by creating this website so that ppl will aware of this disease . U r helping others GOD will help u.
U r so brave n encouraging. Its all from ur mom. She is an Iron women . She is an awssum mom. She is taking ur care so so good. She sacrificed alot for u . Make her feel special. She gave u the strength to go through all this. I Realy Realy appreciate you .. GOD help u & bless u with HIs mercy... U r a star. Love you alot. Miss the time which we spend together.

Thinking of you!

Jo & Daniel | 08/12/2013

Hi Mace and family,
I love the site - very informative! I just wanted to let you guys know we're thinking of you and miss you. Daniel asks about you and your mom (AKA his future wife!) all the time. I hope all is well. Take care! <3

i love you soooooo much

macie's sister | 06/07/2013

hey macie love you so much I think this website is going good you are such a great person you save peoples lifes bye this I love you and I have the BEST sister in the whole world and nothing can keep us apart


Brianna or macie's sister <3


chloe and jada | 04/27/2013

hi macie this is chloe and i think this is a good idea for you cuz you have so much peranaity/hey macie its me jada i think that your a great person and you make everybody feel happy and good luck love jada


Joann Rosell | 01/28/2013

Please send prayers for a mother of 2 that 1 has Chairi & the other has a brain malfuction that grows his brain bigger than his skull. Her name is Kelly, & she truly is an angel sent by God. He special pick her to be the mother of these kids. Don't give up Kelly. God is with u. I'll b checking in with u. With all her problems she had the time to return my lost walet with everything intact. I am so grateful to her.

Re: Prayers

Macie(owner) | 02/11/2013


The Kelly you were talking about is my mom(: She read over your post and got teary-eyed. Thank you for your wonderful statements. God is watching over you and your family as well. I wish you the best of luck for every obsticale that comes your way. Stay Strong and forever beautiful.


love you

brianna | 01/07/2013

i love you macie you website is better than ever i think its awsome that you do this you saved kids life with all this love you

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