Helpful Hospital Hints







Here are some Helpful Hospital Hints:





  • Bring your own sheets!

Bringing your own sheets will definitly make you feel better, and you will be comfier too!



  • Bring pictures of your family and friends.

Bringing pictures of your family and friends will make you feel more at home. Make sure somebody hangs them up all over your room.




  • Make someone bring you some of your favorite food.

If you have a family member or a friend staying with you, make them get your favorite food for you! Your tummy will be thankful.



  • Bring your own pillow!

Trust me, those hospital pillows aren't gonna cut it. If you bring your own pillow, it'll help you sleep better.



  • Don't rush your recovery.

If you rush your recovery, yeah, you're going to feel incredible, though; take my word for it, it's going to come back and smack you in the face within a couple of weeks.



  • Don't let the nurses walk all over you.

Some nurses are very nice and will help you as much as they can. But others, they seem to lack off a little bit. If you need something, make sure you get it! If you have a gut feeling that they're taking you off/putting you on certain medacations at the wrong time, speak up and demand to talk to your Neuro Surgeon.



  • Demand that you are not put in a room with a new born/baby.

This has happened to me once and it was HORRIBLE. DO NOT let them put you in a room with a baby if you are just coming out of surgery.



  • Eat lots of Ice Cream.

One of the only things I would eat in the hospital was Ice Cream.



  • (If you have them) Bring headphones and whaever you can play music on. (IPod, IPhone,Phone,IPad,CD Player,MP3 Player, ect.)

My headphones and music were a life saver. Wearing your head phones and listening to your favorite music helps block out hectic hospital noises. They also helped me with falling asleep.



  • Try not to watch too much TV in the hospital.

Watching TV  always gave me really bad headaches. Watching a moving screen isn't good for your eyes. (This also applies to games on your phone/IPod, computer screens, ect.)



  •  Bring your own clothes to the hospital.

Most of the time after the first few days, the nurses will let you put on your own clothes and take off those stupid gowns. If they don't offer, ask.


  • If you are given a collar, brace, anything like that: WEAR IT.

Do not ignore the fact if you have a collar,brace, ect. They may not "Look Cool", but in the end, if you aren't wearing yours like your suppoed to, you will probably end up having another surgery. Collars & Braces ARE important. You MUST wear them whether they "Look Cool" or not. I was14 when I had to wear one. Trust me, it wasn't 'cool' at all. Try putting stickers on it or you can draw on the plastic parts with sharpies so it's not as bad. I wore mine-so you should wear yours!



  • When you're discharged, stay a couple more days in a hotel or something. (If you live like 30 mins away, this doesn't apply to you)

The distance between my house and the hospital I had my surgeries at was 3-4 hours. If you live more than an hour away from the hospital, wait a few days to go home because the ride home is not that great.





**** I hope my tips for the hospital are useful to you!!****