How You Can Help



    1. Have children? Have them design get well cards for Chairi patients in the hospital! When I was in the hospital, my mom covered my room in letters and cards from friends and family, helping brighten my spirit. Have them be creative, the more colors and drawings; the better! They can even sign them too! Be sure to incorporate the color purple, as that is Chiari's awareness color!


    2. If you can, send purple colored sheets, blankets and pillow cases to us! The comfort difference between colored and white bedding in the hospital does wonders. Pretty much everything in a hospital is white and having a splash of color really affects the moods of the patients. It all in all makes the patients feel better while laying in the hospital beds.


    3. When the Charity is all set up, you can dotnate to the cause!(: 



Here is the adress you can send your hand made cards and purple bedding to: