Conquer Chiari: Walk Across America

09/01/2012 00:00

Sunday, September 22nd, 2012; a Chiari Malformation Walk will be held in Bernegat, New Jersey. I am  a registered walker and chairity reciever.


    Conquer Chiari: Walk Across America is an amazing cause. I have been fighting Chiari for my whole life and it would mean the world to me if you just donated a little money to the cause. Please help my sister and I raise money to help find a cure. What you can do: 1). You can donate through the main website on the link below. Where it says "Walk Loctaion" click 'New Jersey, Southern'. Then, Where it says "Select A Walker", click either 'Macie Hagel' or 'Brianna Hagel'. 2.) You can mail proceeds to 445 S. Poplar Ave, Galloway, NJ, 08205 Any amount of money will be greatly appreciated. The walk will take place on September 22nd, in Barnegate, NJ. Feel free to join our team 'Screwed On Tight' on this special occasion. Thank you for your support. It is very much apprieciated. Donation site:


    Thanks again,